Complementary currencies, Exponential growth and model failures

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First post in english, being in Holland, I just mailed some links to a friend that I met during the Conference where I work and I thought, why not copy this as well here. He sent me this conference about monetary alternatives system (MAS) a dutch event from January 2009.

You can find a presentation of Margrit Kennedy in english about why interest is not sustainable, unfair and strongly inequal, hidden in every price and product. It is around the 25th minute. She presents 3 problems, 3 results, 3 solutions of the interest and monetary system and explain, as I have been doing it among many others, alternative and complementary currencies.

Link to the video

You will also find the pdf from Margrit about the presentation.

For the french speakers I recommand aswell this post that I made the July 2nd 2008 where I listed different sources and explanation of why Money doesn't work and is unfair, with quotes of Paul Jorion & Adam Smith.

It is quite different from everything we hear everyday in the world.

I'll add to this 2 good presentation in video that I used a lot to base my thesis on and that I already linked some time ago.

- the crash course from Chris Martenson
3 exponential growth energy, environment, economy, really well done

- the exponential growth problem (population, inflation, monetary mass, GDP etc..) limit in 8 youtube vid + transcript at boulder univeristy :

And a book about prediction and misunderstanding the impact of what believe is highly improbable : The Black Swan from Taleb :

He explains how we completely misuse and don't understand the variables in our models and society, abusing of the gaussian model all the time instead of mandelrbrot / fractals / non predictible models and completely ignore a big part of the results and forecast. He also makes an interresting distinction between mediocristan & extremistan, 2 worlds in which variables scales are different, one being fairly average and the other made of extremes. I strongly recommand it if you want to set the limits of all what you have no idea about : the unknown unknown.
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zoupic 23/07/2009 16:58

Hello Jose, Thanks for the link, I'm going to check this!Kind regards

Jose Luis 17/07/2009 01:41

Hi Zoupic,I'm disseminating this nice interview with Douglas Rushkoff and I thougt that perhaps it could be interesting for you... ; ) greetingsJose Luis